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    Hello and Welcome to the Militia Friend’s Network. The Militia Friends Modern Militia Movement Network is an Militia and Prepper related social media networking website  The Militia Friends website is a meeting place for not only for today’s American Modern Militia Movement and Militia Movement members, but also for Preppers, Constitutional Groups members, Patriot Movement Group members, and all American, freedom loving patriots alike. Militia Friends is unaffiliated with any Political Parties including the Republican Party and the Democratic Party.

    Militia Friends was originally created solely as a “Do-Something” website that aspires to help others who are down on their luck. We began helping others in dire need mainly within the Patriot and Militia Movement communities. This was done by giving to charity and the creation of a Militia Friend’s Monthly Challenge that helps put the focus on one individual person per month whom is in dire need. We expanded outreach and are now helping folks from all walks of life. We strive to help a different person, in dire need, each month.

    Ironically and due to unforeseen circumstances, Militia Friends website goals were expanded and Social Media Networking Features were added in. These Social Networking Features Include a ‘Members Only’ forum, the ability to host different groups, private communication between members, and a ‘Members Only’ chat. It is our hope by having these social networking features added, it will provide a rallying point for people to create and participate in discussions, and to interact with other members and groups. We’d like to see Militia Friends members at the forefront of brainstorm ideas to preserve our values, freedoms, and keep the laws within the United States Constitution in their rightful place.

Exclusive Membership Features Include:

  • Forum Membership and Participation is completely Free-of-Charge
  • No Nefarious Ownership. Completely legal and honest intentions.
  • Member Enabled Two Factor Login Authentication and FIDO U2F Login Authentication Now Available!
  • Serious Security! Constant security upgrades and security updates installed daily
  • Exclusive ‘Members Only’ forum content not available to the passing public!
  • The ability to create forum content and participate in discussions
  • Private ‘Members Only’ chat
  • Customizable Profiles (Add as much or as little info as you like)
  • A Private ‘Members Only’ messaging system
  • Ability to Host Private or Public Groups
  • Secure Webstore
  • Militia Friends Exclusive Podcasts and Videos
  • Social Media Sharing Features (Twitter, Facebook, others)
  • We do not discriminate, however trolls are not welcomed


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We encourage you to join our network. Click the register button above to register for the Militia Friends forum to both create and participate in forum discussions. You’ll also get exclusive access to ‘Member’s Only’ forum content and access to the members only forum chat. Joining and participating is absolutely free of charge!

Please check out our FAQs Page, Terms of Service Page, and take a look around our Webstore. with other members.


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