A New Year! Welcome to 2017!

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    Happy New Year to all! It’s now 2017. During 2016 the Militia Friend’s Website was slowly coming together. What I had intentionally planned for Militia Friends was to keep it strictly as a Charity site with a small forum for interested members. After happenings in mid to late 2016, I decided to build upon the social functions of Militia Friends. Now Militia Friends has the functions of a full Social Media Website enabling members many more features. Members should consider Militia Friends a safer place to congregate as there are no ulterior motives and no hidden agendas. The only current agendas are to give members a safer place to congregate and to help members of our community through charity. Over the course of the past several years, it came to my attention that there are several popular Militia Related Websites (Including the Modern Militia Movement Website in which I was an Administrator of) that after happenings that I can personal attest to, I’m left with the belief are little more than Surveillance Websites being ran by who I believe to be shady characters if not out-right Informants of some sort. Militia Friends is not a surveillance website, or some intelligence gathering operation, and I assure you, I would personally shut this website down before it became one. Members and potential members of this website deserve a safer place to congregate than current other website offerings, and I intend to deliver that to the best of my ability.

     I wish you all a happy New Year and hope this one proves to be a great one.