This $2.15 Stove Fights for Homeless Veterans

Regular Size Emergency Hiking Alcohol Stove

Regular Size Emergency Hiking Alcohol Stove

Did you know that 22 US Veterans commit suicide each and everyday? Militia Friends supports Veterans in need, including Homeless Veterans, by donating 10% of funds received from Webstore orders to the Homeless Veterans hands-on assistance group, ‘Veterans on Patrol’ (Supply Base Pate) located near Phoenix, AZ. Yes, This $2.15 Stove fights for Homeless Veterans.


Militia Friends Founder’s Blog May 2017


Hello Everyone,

Wanted to give everyone an update on the happenings within the Militia Friends Website. First off, let’s talk about security. Since the last official Founder’s Blog update, I have made numerous security upgrades. Firstly, Militia Friends now has a HTTPS SSL secured. So now your browser should be more secure while browsing Militia Friends. You’ll just need to go to . Secondly, when you click to log into the Militia Friend’s Forum Page, you will immediately see CAPTCHA right above the login button, which will help stop bots from joining. Just click the check box and click login. Still on the same topic of Security, I am excited to announce that all members now have access to ‘DOUBLE-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION (2FA)’ which will provide the next level of security to the Militia Friends Website. 2FA is another layer of security that helps prevent hackers from taking over your accounts and profiles. Each member will have to enable 2FA individually. It is not turned on by default. The current 2FA Authentication will require a smartphone/tablet using either Android or iOS and downloading the Google Authenticator App. More ways to use 2FA to authenticate your account logins will be coming soon. Again, 2FA is voluntary and is not enabled by default. You will have to enable 2FA in the Dashboard Section. I’ll keep everyone up to date on the upcoming security additions to Militia Friends.

Second, let’s talk about website updates. Since the last update, I increased the posting speed of chat by 3 fold and have added more features into the chat app. YouTube Videos, Links, Photos,… name it, you can do it.  I have recently added more social media features to Militia Friends. You can now share blogs, replies, forums, forum post and comments to several different social media platforms. You can even email and print things you like. The comment sections, subscribe buttons, and replies all work and will give lots of ways to keep track of the happenings in Militia Friends. The Founder’s Blog has been updated and now posts directly to social media. Finally, I have made some subtle changes to the Webstore (basically tidying it up a bit).

Finally, I just want to say a quick thank-you to all of you that are following me on social media. Also, don’t forget, there’s more to Militia Friends than just this simple blog. We have our own private Forum and are always looking for new members to help get conversations started.

Check out the Militia Friends website at:

Also check out the ‘Publicly’ visible portion of the Forum without registering by going to:

Register to join the forum by going to:

Contact me with any questions

Until Next Time,

Militia Friends

Feb 2017 Update The Modern Militia Movement Domains

Just a small update here. I am continuing to refine the Militia Friends website further. Also, I am planning to add more integrated social media features. I have added several new forwarded domains to the Militia Friend’s Website. The domains are , , and  and are all labeled under The Modern Militia Movement.

A New Year! Welcome to 2017!

Image result for happy new year 2017

    Happy New Year to all! It’s now 2017. During 2016 the Militia Friend’s Website was slowly coming together. What I had intentionally planned for Militia Friends was to keep it strictly as a Charity site with a small forum for interested members. After happenings in mid to late 2016, I decided to build upon the social functions of Militia Friends. Now Militia Friends has the functions of a full Social Media Website enabling members many more features. Members should consider Militia Friends a safer place to congregate as there are no ulterior motives and no hidden agendas. The only current agendas are to give members a safer place to congregate and to help members of our community through charity. Over the course of the past several years, it came to my attention that there are several popular Militia Related Websites (Including the Modern Militia Movement Website in which I was an Administrator of) that after happenings that I can personal attest to, I’m left with the belief are little more than Surveillance Websites being ran by who I believe to be shady characters if not out-right Informants of some sort. Militia Friends is not a surveillance website, or some intelligence gathering operation, and I assure you, I would personally shut this website down before it became one. Members and potential members of this website deserve a safer place to congregate than current other website offerings, and I intend to deliver that to the best of my ability.

     I wish you all a happy New Year and hope this one proves to be a great one.

Back to Work


After a few months hiatus due to the uptick in business at work, The Militia Friends Network is now back in action. Monthly Giveaways will now commence and slow planning for the future. Don’t forget about the Monthly Challenge either.

Anyway, wanted to issue a Blog since it had been a while.


A New Year


First off, I want to wish everyone a Happy New Year. I hope for much success for all this new year.

This week and next week, I will be continuing to add material to the forum. All known glitches have been addressed and all is still looking good. I was going to address the next major phase of this website by announcing it early, but do to low membership numbers, I have decided just to wait until February. That way, we can get the Monthly Challenge off and running and will focus getting all immediately planned features off and running in March.

A Merry Christmas and Weekly Update


We at the Militia Friends Network wants to wish all Subscribers a Merry Christmas.

As of this week, all known loose ends with the website have now been tied up. The main focus of attention has now shifted to adding more material to the Subscriber’s Forum. This will remain the top focus for the next couple of weeks. The plan is to announce the next phase of the Militia Friends Network during the first week in January. Everything is proceeding nicely and we don’t see needing to delay the announcement at this point.

Update and What’s in the Works


A good morning to all. This is just a quick update for the week 12/14/2015. We are still tying up loose ends and will likely be done by the end of this week. The site appears to be running smoothly with no operational errors last week. The focus still remains on tying the remaining loose ends up and adding content to the Subscribers Forum. There is quite a bit in the works, but getting the forum in a more usable condition is the top priority. Depending on how much we get done on the forum this week, we may announce and begin our next intended phase in the Militia Friends Network a bit sooner than planned.

On a final note, just want to say a quick thank-you to all that have subscribed to our Network. More good things are coming are to come.

Update for week starting on 12/7/2015


A Good Morning to all. As of the week 12/7/2015,….I am updating the website, correcting errors, and adding news material within the Subscribers Forum. The most serious errors were located within the Subscriber payment system and a couple of members were not able to make subscription payments. I corrected those errors and contacted the effected. I’m happy to say that after extensive testing, the errors are now verified as being corrected and everything should work well. I’m still tying up a few loose ends within the website, but more and more of the focus now is on getting new subscribers and adding new material. Have any issues on the website, Contact me.

Just Started Inviting People Today



Can’t say enough how excited we are to be to the point of inviting members for the first time. I have had to learn lot to get this website to this point. Still working on errors a bit, but hopefully the worst is behind us. Will be focusing on adding more Forum Discussion content over the next several days. Also, will continue inviting more members.

Please us the contact forum if you have any problems…….