Militia Friends Monthly Challenge

Modern Militia Movement


    The Militia Friends Modern Militia Movement Monthly Challenge is our Commitment to being active as a Network and giving back to our Communities. Each month, Militia Friends looks for a special person, group, or business that’s in need of a helping hand or to accomplish their goals and dreams. Using the power of our Militia Movement Network, we can truly make a difference in someone’s lives. If you’re able and willing, we ask that you give a dollar or more to the special person, group, or business we pick to help out each month. However, Participation in the Monthly Challenge is completely voluntary and is not required of membership within the Militia Friend’s Network. Each Month, we will pick out a different person, group, or business. This way, we are able help out as many folks as we can. In a Comment section where you will be donating, Please put in “Militia Friends Network” to let the people we help know it was the Militia Friends Network that took on the Challenge to help them. Also, please understand that if you can only give a dollar, need to skip a month(s) on donations, or you choose to help someone else,……..That’s O.k. too!!! What’s important is that you are committing to helping someone when you can. 

As Ronald is quoted in the picture above, “……………everyone can help someone.” Let’s do it!!!!

This Month’s Monthly Challenge

Donate Visa/Mastercard Gift Cards to Veterans on Patrol Supply Base ‘Pate’


About Veterans on Patrol:

I am collecting anything that can be donated to stockpile necessities for homeless Veterans or homeless people of Arizona. This page is about raising awareness and raising supplies for Veterans on patrol , a group that locates homeless veterans and places them in small camps where they can have shelter and food and transition back to a normal life. If you would like to send a donation to our cause (Please Send Visa/Mastercard Gift Cards), the shipping address is:

Veterans on Patrol
Bob Rinker
5210 N. 17th Ave #5
Phoenix, AZ 85015