Militia Friends FAQs


General FAQs

  1. Q. What is the Militia Friend’s Network?  A. The Militia Friends Network is an American Social Networking Website and a meeting place not only for today’s Modern Militia Movement (Militia Groups and Patriot Groups), but for Preppers, Constitutional and Freedom loving American Patriots also.
  2. Q. What is the Constitutional Militia Movement?  A. “The movement is composed largely of veterans, libertarians, and Second Amendment Advocates who share a common belief in individual liberties and civil responsibilities, according to their interpretation of the U.S. Constitution, as well as disdain for what are perceived to be abusive, usurpatious, or tyrannical federal government decisions and actions, and a set of ideals associated with the values of the militia they see embodied in the Constitution”. – Wikipedia
  3. Q. Is the Militia Friend’s Network a Militia Group?  A. Nope!!! We are not a Militia Group,……..We are simply a Social Networking Site for Militia Groups, Patriot Groups, Preppers, and Consitutional Freedom loving American Patriots.
  4. Q. Do you support individual Militia Groups or Patriot Groups?  A.  Nope!!! We do not provide gear or any sort of physical training or training in general, to any group(s). Again, we are only a Social Networking Site and not a Militia Group. We are not affiliated with any Militia Group(s) or Patriot Group(s).
  5. Q. Aren’t Preppers, The Constitution Loving Types, Militias and Patriot Groups evil and up to no good?  A. Absolutely Not!!!! If that was the case, we would not have created the Militia Friend’s Network in the first place. The people we know are decent people and the Militia Friend’s Network gives them a place to communicate with each other and a way to help further the movement.
  6. Q. Can I still join even though I’m a Prepper or a Constitutional Loving Patriot and I’m weary of Militias and Patriot Groups.  A. Absolutely!!! We welcome you with open arms and look forward to seeing you contribute to the Militia Friend’s Network.
  7. Q. Are you one of those Racist Websites?  A. Absolutely Not!!!! Racism will not be tolerated within the Militia Friend’s Network and spewing Racism will get your account suspended!!!
  8. Q. What makes the Militia Friend’s Network so Different from other Modern Militia Movement based Social Networking Websites?  A .The differences are many. Militia Friends is the only Militia Social Networking Site who goals are based on actually doing positive things for our Communities. We actively support Charity and we have Monthly Challenges that strive to help folks in need of a helping hand from all over America. While we are a new Social Networking Site and our outreach is quite small at the moment,……..our goals are large and we hope to spread our outreach over time. At some point, we’d like to sponsor events that that further the Militia Friend’s outreach into the Modern Militia Movement, but one step at a time and first things first. We have our own Webstore for Subscribed members to sell their goods npt only to other Subscribed members but to the passing public as well. We hope to increase the number of items available very soon. Our Current Social Networking Features are currently fairly standard and include a ever expanding Forum, Subscribed Members only chat and a Founder’s Blog. We do look to expand the Social features offered as soon as possible.
  9. Q. What Charity do you Support?  A. We are proud to support the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews. It’s a wonderful Charity that promotes understanding between Jews and Christians and builds broad support for Israel and other shared concerns. You can visit the Charity’s Website by going to
  10. Q. Is my personal information kept private?  A. To the best of our ability,……Yes!!! We do not share, sell, or rent any of our Subscribers Information. We take security of this website very seriously.