Terms of Service


Terms of Service:
As of right now, membership to Militia Friends is 100% free of charge. There are no plans to charge members for service. Terms of service are subject to change and could change at any time. You may or may not receive a notice for a terms of service change.

Rules and Codes of Conduct:
1) No arguing between members. We are here to push the Patriot Movement Forward, Not fight with each other. No Personal attacks, they will be removed.

2) No Racism Allowed…….Period!!!!!

3) NO violent threats of any kind will be posted to this website. Violent Threats will result in Immediate Termination of Account and the Immediate end of Subscription.

4) NO Profanity or Pornography Period on this website.

5)The Admin has a job to do. please respect the position. Failure to do so could result in your removal from this website and termination of Subscription. The Admin is required to act professional so our members should act professional also.

6) We Honor the Freedom of Religion, as stated under our First Amendment! The Bashing of religion will not be allowed on this website. We welcome Religious members and groups.

7) Discussing is one thing, Bashing is another, so learn to Discuss it without Bashing or being disrespectful of another member!

8) Let it be known that we will not support any Group, Religious, Political, or otherwise that Embraces any intent to do harm to our Country, our Constitution, our Rights, and our Individual Freedom.

If something that is not covered by our rules, becomes a problem, be assured we will move to take care of it in a timely manner.

Please use common sense while on this website

We fully expect each of our members to follow our rules, and to treat everyone with Respect while on this website.

All new members should look at their State Group to find like-minded members and also should look at local groups if available. If a local group is not available, or one is not available to that members liking, we encourage members to start a new group.

By joining, and using this website,…….you acknowledge and accept the Terms of Service and the Rules and Codes of Conduct of this website.