Militia Friends Founder’s Blog May 2017


Hello Everyone,

Wanted to give everyone an update on the happenings within the Militia Friends Website. First off, let’s talk about security. Since the last official Founder’s Blog update, I have made numerous security upgrades. Firstly, Militia Friends now has a HTTPS SSL secured. So now your browser should be more secure while browsing Militia Friends. You’ll just need to go to . Secondly, when you click to log into the Militia Friend’s Forum Page, you will immediately see CAPTCHA right above the login button, which will help stop bots from joining. Just click the check box and click login. Still on the same topic of Security, I am excited to announce that all members now have access to ‘DOUBLE-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION (2FA)’ which will provide the next level of security to the Militia Friends Website. 2FA is another layer of security that helps prevent hackers from taking over your accounts and profiles. Each member will have to enable 2FA individually. It is not turned on by default. The current 2FA Authentication will require a smartphone/tablet using either Android or iOS and downloading the Google Authenticator App. More ways to use 2FA to authenticate your account logins will be coming soon. Again, 2FA is voluntary and is not enabled by default. You will have to enable 2FA in the Dashboard Section. I’ll keep everyone up to date on the upcoming security additions to Militia Friends.

Second, let’s talk about website updates. Since the last update, I increased the posting speed of chat by 3 fold and have added more features into the chat app. YouTube Videos, Links, Photos,… name it, you can do it.  I have recently added more social media features to Militia Friends. You can now share blogs, replies, forums, forum post and comments to several different social media platforms. You can even email and print things you like. The comment sections, subscribe buttons, and replies all work and will give lots of ways to keep track of the happenings in Militia Friends. The Founder’s Blog has been updated and now posts directly to social media. Finally, I have made some subtle changes to the Webstore (basically tidying it up a bit).

Finally, I just want to say a quick thank-you to all of you that are following me on social media. Also, don’t forget, there’s more to Militia Friends than just this simple blog. We have our own private Forum and are always looking for new members to help get conversations started.

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Until Next Time,

Militia Friends

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